I’m Adam. One of the things I love most in this world is storytelling. In all shapes and forms. Video games, movies, television, books, you name it. I have a lot of feelings about the ways people tell their stories. So from time to time I like to write my thoughts about it.

Don’t take me too seriously. Life is too short.

But also please take me seriously. I’m very sensitive.

Just kidding. Do whatever you want. Including reading my blogs and telling all your friends about it.

Honestly though, if you do read something that you disagree with, reach out to me or leave a comment. I love to do is discuss differing ideas. That’s the key though. Discussion is constructive. Trolling is a waste of time. The best part of having opinions is that none of them are 100% correct. Nothing I write is infallible. So if you can add to the conversation in any way, I’d love to sit down and hear your point of view.

Enough about me. Time to write.