A Criticism of Criticism

Money is power. Love it or hate it, our society is driven by money. More specifically, society is driven by convincing the public to buy your product. And with seemingly infinite products it’s hard to judge where it is best to spend your money. Enter the industry of criticism, which ironically is another group offering a product for people to consume. But commentary on the … Continue reading A Criticism of Criticism

A Love Letter to Kingdom Hearts

Fifteen years ago an important series released that would impact my young life like nothing had ever before. Kingdom Hearts exploded onto the PlayStation 2 in March of 2002, and being only┬ánine years old living in a pre-internet world I was none the wiser. Fast forward to December 2002. My parents and I were making our weekly pilgrimage to the now relic, Blockbuster. I had … Continue reading A Love Letter to Kingdom Hearts